2 = minor, reduced, slight [sligther -comp., slightest -sup.], low-key [low key], lesser, lower-key, diminished, low-keyed.
Ex. A study of bibliographic classification could concentrate solely upon the major, and some of the more minor bibliographic classification schemes used today.
Ex. The model shows that market concentration rises with inelastic demand, reduced marginal costs and efficient technology.
Ex. The ISBD(CP)'s recommendations are very similar in principle to those for AACR2's 'in' analytics, except for slight changes in punctuation and order.
Ex. Activity is still low key, but will increase when the British Library puts up data bases on its own computer in 1977.
Ex. The catalog's deterioration is leading us down the road to lesser quality library service.
Ex. After all, print technology can be represented by pencial, pen, type, laser output, and so forth, but the effect is lower-key.
Ex. This volume comes at a time when increasingly frequent criticisms have been leveled at superpower nations for their diminished interest in problems in Africa.
Ex. Overall, he provides a low-keyed, lucid account that, with its many-leveled approach, does more than justice to the complex themes it studies.
* a menor escala = at a reduced rate.
* cada vez menor = decreasing, dwindling, diminishing, declining, falling, shrinking, receding, sinking, ebbing, descending.
* con un menor nivel educativo = lesser-educated.
* delito de menor grado = misdemeanour [misdimeanor, -USA].
* delito menor = petty offense, petty crime, minor offence.
* demanda cada vez menor = falling demand.
* de mayor o menor importancia = great and small.
* de menor impacto = low impact [low-impact].
* de menor importancia = fringe subject, of fringe interest.
* de menor importancia para = on the fringe of.
* desajuste cada vez menor entre ... y = narrowing gap between ... and, narrowing of the gap between ... and.
* de venta al por menor = retail.
* diferencia cada vez menor entre ... y = narrowing gap between ... and, narrowing of the gap between ... and.
* en mayor o menor grado = to a greater or lesser degree.
* en mayor o menor medida = to a greater or lesser extent.
* en menor cantidad = less copiously.
* en menor grado = to a lesser extent, to a lesser degree.
* en paños menores = in + Posesivo + underclothes.
* la menor duda de que = no doubt whatsoever.
* menor de + Número = fewer than + Número.
* menor, el = least, the.
* no tener la menor importancia = be of no particular concern.
* paños menores = undies.
* presupuesto cada vez menor = shrinking budget.
* ser el que con menor frecuencia = be (the) least likely to.
* ser menor = be less.
* símbolo de menor-que (<) = left angled bracket (<), less-than sign (<).
* sin el menor asomo de duda = without a shadow of a doubt, beyond a shadow of a doubt, beyond a shadow of a doubt.
* sin la menor duda = no mistake, no doubt.
* sin la menor idea = clueless.
* sin la menor sombra de duda = without a shadow of a doubt.
* vender al por menor = retail.
* venta al por menor = retailing, retail trade.
* ventas al por menor = retail sales.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.